Three Hat Circus

Save $200 by matching up with a nearby school on the same day! See Pricing Section below for more details.

Meet Three Hat Circus

Three Hat Circus is an all-star circus duo consisting of master performers Joey Vedres and Noah Weigel. Together they have performed at hundreds of schools, children’s festivals, fairs, and family-focused community events over the last number of years. Their exciting new school presentation entertains and inspires students with amazing circus skills and their message of co-operation and believing in yourself. 

Three Hat Circus Quick Facts

  • Exciting and fun duo-performer circus show including skills such as partner balancing acts, staff spinning, crystal ball juggling, LED-lit props, and more!
  • Great student involvement including onstage volunteers and crowd participation.
  • Strong message throughout the show as the performers discuss all of the hard work, communication, and co-operation needed to develop the show and perform together.
  • Workshops and Artist-in-Residence programs are also available.


Download a PDF summary to take to your committee or admin


• Variety Circus Show

Two talented circus artists take the stage, amazing your students with a fun variety of circus skills. Throughout the show the performers discuss the hard work & practice that was needed, how they relate and communicate with each other, how mutual respect and teamwork play a huge role in their performance, and how they’ve dealt with adversity as they’ve pursued an ‘out of the box’ career. In the end, your students not only had a lot of fun, they’ve also learned valuable lessons about working with others and how to be resilient and creative when facing challenges

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 55 mins.

Artist in Residence

With tried and true lesson plans that will get students laughing and learning, Three Hat Circus workshops and residencies are a great combination of physical activity, fun, and education. Daily workshops are structured to include demonstrations by the performers, icebreakers, interactive games, skill challenges, and more. Circus skills include Contact Juggling, Balancing, Prop spinning, and more. All props and supplies included.

Grade Suitability: K–12


Three Hat Circus offers $200 off the performance fee if you are willing to match up with a nearby school on the same day. If you have not already done so, click below to rank the top three artists you’d like to see tour to your area. There‘s no obligation to book, doing so will simply register your school for the discount and help us co-ordinate artists’ tours where there is the most interest for them.

Fees are listed as a range because the exact fee is determined by your area and number of shows in a tour. Once you’ve cast your vote, we can let you know the exact fee and possible dates for your preferred artists.

If your school is facing severe budget challenges please inquire about qualifying for our assistance program.

Brief Artist Survey – register your school and qualify for any applicable discounts

Brief Artist Survey – register your school and qualify for any applicable discounts

Variety Circus Show

$650–$975 + GST

 Artist in Residence

$3750 + GST (3-day)

$6000 + GST (5-day)


“Joey and Noah offered amazing entertainment while teaching the messages of teamwork, goal setting, and the benefit of practice.”

Sara-Jane Leslie, Colonel Sanders School, Calgary

“We enjoyed the energy & tone of the presentation. The kids were engaged, especially during the “Bubble act”. Combining entertainment and message is appreciated and provides good value.”

Laurel Pritchard, Beaverlodge Elementary

“We liked the message that it takes teamwork & practice to be successful. The students were impressed with your skills. We liked that it was interactive and had chances for students to stretch, clap & ask questions.”

Rob Macdonald, Elk Point Elementary

“Joey and Noah were excellent! The message was good and this was one of the best shows we’ve had for appealing to all ages. A great mix of visual, comedy, and ‘oh my, how did they do that’ moments. Great value!”

Sally McIntosh, Lynnwood Elementary