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We now offer 3-day and full week Artist-in-Residencies to give your students a richer, more participatory, and higher impact fine arts experience.

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This website was created as an easy-to-use resource for educators to select quality presentations they can trust, guaranteed to entertain and impact their students.
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“I have met with the owners of Canadian School Presenters and have found them to be very easy to deal with. They are very down to earth; they take pride in all that they do and it shows in the way they relate to their performers, the schools they work with, and the students who enjoy their presentations. I would strongly recommend them to any school looking to provide great entertainment, a positive message, and good role models for their students!”

Hugh Kurz, Superintendent – Saskatoon Public School Division

“The entertainment value was awesome, the performers are right up there with the best we’ve ever had. We appreciate the quality and value you provide, the booking process was easy, and we are happy to book through CSP again in the future.”

Jolene Sittler H –  Hardcastle School, Edam

“Dianna David was awesome, one of the top presentations we’ve had. Ruploops had great interaction with students — a perfect balance of content and entertainment. Safire really connected with her message. We loved it! And we always enjoy having HOJA at our school — they get our students involved & excited; and the message at the end is great! We appreciate how easy it is to book through you and we look forward to working with you again next season.”

Vince Spila, Dr Bernard Brosseau, Bonnyville

“We’ve enjoyed all of our performances thus far — booking with you is very organized, fluid and easy! I appreciated Dianna bringing cultural diversity in and engaging the students with her excellent message, especially for the older grades. HOJA always does a great job, they’re really natural together and the message worked well for the school. Ruploops has excellent control with the audience, his music was enjoyed & appropriate, and he provided good cultural perspective and educational value. Motivational Magic; was very engaging, the kids loved it, the activities were well-suited to the age group, and the bucket filling message was easy to understand.”

Laurie Helland, Belmead Elementary, Edmonton