Story Theatre Co.


Meet Story Theatre

Widely known as one of Canada’s premiere Young People’s Theatre companies, Story Theatre continues its tradition of creating energetic, entertaining and curriculum-relevant performances that enhance language arts & citizenship programs and compliment activities in the classroom.

Their popular style of storytelling and performing encourages direct contact — the audience is invited to participate in the imaginative experience as the stories, games, and music unfold. The actors greet the audiences as themselves, so that when the show begins the students see the actors, whom they have met, transforming themselves into the various characters leading them through adventures.

Story Theatre Quick Facts

• Focus on Literacy, Language Arts, and Citizenship
• Fun, timeless stories told with a contemporary twist
• Simple costumes, sets & props so kids see that they can do it too
• Audience participation as the stories and games unfold
• Encourage students to use their creativity and imagination
• Themes: Language & Literacy, Creativity

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• Anansi’s Gift of Stories

Anansi is a favourite character from Africa and Jamaica – sometimes a tiny spider and sometimes a skinny old man. In this adventure, all stories on earth have been taken by the sky god, and Anansi must complete three almost impossible tasks in order to free the stories: capture a ferocious lion, trap the fire stinging hornets, and make the invisible fairy visible. As always, Anansi uses his wits to overcome obstacles and larger adversaries to achieve his goals. The show also includes interactive storytelling games using suggestions from the audience and the popular ‘Nursery Rhyme Revue’.

Grade Suitability: K–8
Duration: 45–55 mins.

• Fables, Fools and Fantasy

Developed to support Language Arts curriculum — combining traditional stories with back to basics literacy and ways to develop creative thinking. Includes: Aesop’s Fables: first in their classic style, then updated and modernized. Tales from the Tightrope: audience members listen to the narrator and then perform the actions of the narration using only a couple of props and their imagination. Billy Goats Gruff: told partly in the Trolls gibberish language which the goats then need to translate, demonstrating how sounds and gestures convey meaning. Monsters in my Room: poetry made exciting by having several people share the telling as well as acting parts of it out. This presentation can be tailored to have a focus from your school’s specific curriculum.

Grade Suitability: K–8
Duration: 45-55 mins.

• Flash Literacy Workshop

There is a knock at the classroom door, and SURPRISE… the actors enter the classroom and present a quick story and demonstrate how to play some storytelling games. The class is then divided into three groups and each actor works with a group on the storytelling games. The class performs as one group and the actors and some of the students share making up and telling some stories. Suddenly it’s time for the actors to leave — they encourage the students to keep practicing and to share the fun at home, the door closes… and you never know when another Flash Literacy visit will occur.

Half and full day workshops available on their own, or as an afternoon complement to one of their full presentations in the morning.

Grade Suitability: 2-6
Duration: 20-30 mins. each, multiple workshops per session


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Fables, Fools and Fantasy

$650–$895 + GST

 Anansi’s Gift of Stories

$650–$895 + GST

 Flash Literacy Workshop

$1400 + GST Full day (12 workshops)

$1300 + GST Half day plus presentation

$ 750 + GST Half day (6 workshops)


Individually you are super-talented. As a group you are totally awesome and wonderfully entertaining. We want you to come back.

St. Joseph School – Niagara Falls, ON

We have always been amazed and pleased with Story Theatre’s performances… Our students and staff love and value the productions which promote a great deal of thought and discussion.

Lynne MoorhousePrincipal – Victoria School District

I really appreciated your creativity, skills and storytelling enthusiasm! In particular, I was impressed with your use of simple sets, costumes, and props to tell fantastic stories. My class loved the show!

Teacher – Queen Mary School