Paul Isaak

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Meet Paul

A captivating, one-man, theatrical variety show, Paul Isaak has 25 yrs of stage experience performing all across North America and has shared the stage with such artists as John Mellencamp and the Beach Boys. He combines skillful juggling, quick wit, and audience participation into a hilarious, on-stage spectacle sure to delight crowds of all shapes and sizes.

The father of three children, Paul is constantly surrounded by moments of laughter and joy. His goal is to bring more mirth to a world that often overlooks the joy in everyday living.

Paul Isaak Quick Facts

• 25 yrs of stage experience performing all across North America
• Combines skillful juggling, quick wit & audience participation into a hilarious on-stage spectacle
• His comedy is always clean, tasteful, and current, appropriate for all ages
• An expert at captivating students with his energy & enthusiasm, encouraging participation, and empowering volunteers to become the stars of the show
• Can intertwine a powerful message throughout, or the show can be entirely entertainment based


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• Standard Presentation

The Comedy & Juggling of Paul Isaak is a high energy, one-man show that has thrilled audiences worldwide. The interactive nature of this show allows students to be part of a spontaneous performance. Isaak is a master entertainer, and will hold the audience spellbound while he mixes skillful juggling and thrilling stunts. He walks a fine line where the laws of gravity intersect with the rules of personal embarrassment. Paul often ends up on the wrong side of this equation.
Ideal for school wrap-up parties and welcome back festivities, this show focuses on the art of performance & entertainment. Paul is eager to engage in a Q & A session with students after the show, bringing educational moments to this otherwise fun based show.

Grade Suitability: K–12
45 – 50 mins. + Q&A (Optional)

• Juggling Workshops / Artist in Residence

Learning to juggle is a fantastic and unique way to look at problem solving. Paul shows the students the steps to follow in order to learn to juggle, but each student must teach themselves how to actually do it. Students learn to plan their approach to solving a problem, act on the plan, observe the result, and correct if needed.
This workshop also allows for practical discussion of scientific principles, including Newton’s laws of Motion. Students challenge themselves to juggle balls, spin plates, and more. Of course they’re having so much fun, that they won’t realize they are learning while they do it.

Available as a standalone activity, or packaged with a stage presentation.

Grade Suitability: 4-12
Duration: 60 mins.
Capacity: 35 students.
*3 day Artist in Residencies are also available, please contact us to discuss details.

• Motivational Presentation (Customizable)

Paul’s comedy juggling show commands the audience’s attention, allowing him to intertwine a thought provoking message to inspire students as well as entertain them. Juggling is a metaphor for so many areas of our lives, and Paul can use this to speak about bullying, the value of setting goals, working hard, and pursuing your dreams as well as reinforcing some specific learning goals that you have for your students. He welcomes your creative ideas, to collaborate on creating a presentation as unique as your students. He concludes the show with a mind blowing stunt that challenges students to push their own limits, in order to accomplish amazing things.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 45 -60 mins.


Paul offers $200 off the performance fee if you are willing to match up with a nearby school on the same day. If you have not already done so, click below to rank the top three artists you’d like to see tour to your area. There‘s no obligation to book, doing so will simply register your school for the discount and help us co-ordinate artists’ tours where there is the most interest for them.

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Standard Presentation

$650–$900 + GST

 Motivational Presentation

$650–$900 + GST

 Juggling Workshops

$650–$900 + GST
(negotiable if combined with a presentation or if multiple workshops required)

 Artist in Residence

$3750 + GST (3-day)


Paul did a great job engaging our students and including the audience in his performance. He was hilarious and also very talented at the juggling tricks. We appreciated him adding a message about inclusion and being a part of a positive community by celebrating our differences since he was here on Pink Shirt Day. Excellent presentation and great value!

Laurie Kushnerick – Ecole Sifton, Camrose

10/10! The kids loved him! Paul immediately engaged the students with his banter and showmanship and we loved the audience participation. The high energy & fast pace moved things along nicely. Great balance between entertaining & providing message – especially tying these together at the end with the “students on stools” trick.

Cindy Kotelko – Two Hills School

Paul is extremely entertaining and very quickly established a rapport with the entire audience, captivating and sustaining the interest of all students for over an hour. In his workshops, teachers were very pleased with Paul’s ability to work with and relate to all ages of students. Without hesitation, I would recommend Paul Isaak as someone who would positively impact your school – students will come away having more confidence to attempt to take on the many challenges that come their way.

Phil IrwinPrincipal – Blackie School

Standing room only crowds – a high energy, fast paced show along with lots of laughs!

Jan Campbell – Kids Zone, Calgary Stampede