Will Stroet


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Meet Will

Award-winning children’s entertainer Will Stroet inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world, through educational music in English and French. As a former music teacher, Will knows how to write engaging songs for children and he and his Backyard Band have performed over 1,200 shows at schools, theatres and festivals. Along with a Kids’ Music Award and West Coast Songwriters Award, Will has received multiple nominations from the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards and SiriusXM Indies plus a 2017 JUNO nomination. You can see Will on CBC Kids in his TV series, Will’s Jams, airing weekday mornings.

Will Stroet Quick Facts

• 1200 school and festival performances across Canada since 2005, and star of the television program ‘Will’s Jams’ on CBC Kids.
• Highly entertaining, interactive, and engaging – his 3-piece Backyard Band performs songs that feature positive messages, fun actions, and sing-along choruses.
• Inspires creativity, co-operation, compassion, and confidence.
• Can perform in English or French or a bit of both.

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Just Imagine (French, English or Bilingual)

Catchy and kinetic, Will Stroet and his Backyard Band perform a high-energy show with fun actions and sing-along choruses. Will sings original rock, pop and blues-based songs about imagination, reading and literacy, sports and sportsmanship, art, road safety and living an active lifestyle. He transforms ordinary topics into an extraordinary musical experience. This show can be performed fully in French if you wish, including all songs and talking to students in between songs.

Grade Suitability: K–8
Duration: 45 mins. 

Wordplay (English only)

Will’s fun and original new musical language arts show is based on his new album, Wordplay. Through his interactive music, students and teachers will be engaged in a variety of wordplay including puns, spoonerisms, anagrams, palindromes, spelling, hink pinks, synonyms/antonyms, poetry and rap. Students and teachers will leave the show inspired to create their own wordplay games and songs. An activity book that accompanies the show is also available. Will performs with his three-piece Backyard Band.

Grade Suitability: K–8
Duration: 45 mins.

• Artist in Residency

Will can work with your students for a 3-5 day Artist in Residency that can be tailored to your school’s needs, including songwriting to a particular theme and including a performance for parents if you wish. Please call us to discuss specific details.


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Just Imagine (French, English or Bilingual)

$650–$950 + GST

Wordplay (English only)

$650–$950 + GST

Artist in Residency

Please contact us to discuss your needs so that a tailored quote can be provided to you.


Will Stroet is the best performer I have ever seen in an elementary school because the kids were so engaged.

Meredith Fenton, Vice-Principal – West Vancouver

Will has performed in French for our students in our French Immersion school on several occasions. He was always well prepared, arrived on time and students and staff always very well received his shows. He is extremely professional, has excellent crowd control and his songs are very age appropriate for our students. The level of French and the content of his songs are also very well suited for our French language learners. You will often hear his songs being sung in our primary classes, as they are a fun way to teach French vocabulary. Will’s songs often contain actions which also gets the students moving

Jacqueline Lavoie, principal – Vancouver

I believe that Will is the kind of performer that will follow in the footsteps and take up the mantle of past iconic children’s performers like Raffi, Fred Penner and Sharon Lois and Bram. His music and performance style has weight and character and he is on the cusp of becoming a household name.

Casey Prescott, Associate Director of Producing – Banff Centre

Will is a dedicated artist and has actively pursued opportunities to share his original bilingual music with tens of thousands of students across BC and has worked to inspire them to pursue creative endeavors of their own. Feedback on the impact of his performances is always positive — students and teachers alike connect with his music and leave his performances with catchy songs in their heads.

Navida Nuraney – BC’s ArtStarts in Schools