Trent Arterberry


Meet Trent

Award-winning physical comedian Trent Arterberry has toured extensively across Canada and throughout the US, performing at thousands of schools over the last 20 years. His shows blend his trademark physical expressiveness with multiple speaking characters and dramatic story lines which entertain students and allow him to deliver a powerful message.

Trent Arterberry Quick Facts

• 6,000 performances over 20 years, all across North America
• One-man physical comedy show, many intriguing characters
• Storytelling, music, drama, comedy, fantasy, mime, puppetry
• Audience participation encouraging creativity & imagination
• Fun stories that relate and teach important lessons to students
• Themes: Physical Expression, Acceptance, Pursuing Your Dreams


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• Think Bigg

It’s comical storytelling, masterful mime, compelling music and hilarious puppetry. By turns, Arterberry fills the stage with a collection of intriguing characters. Roboman discovers the limits — and extraordinary reaches — of his own body. The diminutive dance star, Mr. Bigg performs to a dizzying medley of musical styles from rap to Russian folklore.

Teaching kids about physical theatre, gesture and body language, there’s drama, comedy, subtle lessons and outrageous fun in Trent Arterberry’s Think Bigg.

Grade Suitability: K–7
Duration: 45 mins.

• Secret Life of Walter Manny

A story of turning alienation into acceptance, The Secret Life of Walter Manny features an eight-year-old boy whose overactive imagination gets him in — and out of — trouble. Ostracized at school, Walter escapes into high-octane reveries of racecar driving, firefighting and secret-agent spying. Fantasy collides with reality when a fire threatens the classroom and challenges Walter to use his imaginative skills to save his best friend’s life.

Grade Suitability: K–7
Duration: 45 mins.

• My Impractical Life

Powerful and funny, this play of mime and monologue retraces Trent’s adolescent steps to finding a career. Hours lost within the internet and television provide no guidance. Extravagant efforts for athletic prowess miss the mark. An attempt to rise to rock music stardom falls flat. Finally, a near-fatal fall jolts Arterberry into recognizing what is truly important to him, and to setting a path towards pursuing his dreams.

Grade Suitability: 5–12
Duration: 45 mins.


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Think Bigg

$650–$825 + GST

 Secret Life of Walter Manny

$650–$825 + GST

 My Impractical Life

$650–$825 + GST


Highly engaging, funny and entertaining, our students were mesmerized. The important message of staying true to oneself in life was woven into the performance in such an artful manner that it in no way seemed preachy.

Nicole DaneaultVice Principal – Kwayhquitlum Middle School

Thank you for the incredible mime performance. The expressions on your face were so realistic and the way you played so many characters at once was just extraordinary.

Stella HuiStudent –Renfrew Elementary School

Arterberry’s genius is two-fold — storytelling that doesn’t patronize and the agility to make it vastly entertaining.

Monday Magazine – Victoria, BC