Shaun Boothe


Meet Shaun

Shaun inspires youth to live the life of their dreams. Using his award-winning musical talent, he shares his captivating hip-hop biographies of heroes — like Terry Fox, astronaut Chris Hadfield & teenage female activist Malala — so students come to realize the greatness we all have within.

Shaun Boothe Quick Facts

• Internationally acclaimed hip-hop artist, featured on Much Music
• 100% school friendly lyrics, free of vulgarity
• Hip-hop style that students relate to and think is cool
• Encourages & inspires students to express themselves & be creative
• Themes: Diversity & Identity, Goal Setting, Purpose & Passion


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• Live Your Legacy (Gr 5-12)

Shaun’s highly entertaining Live Your Legacy presentation uses his Bio Series videos as an educational tool to engage and inspire youth in a way that captivates their attention and triggers their imagination – combining his live performance with videos of historical figures such as Terry Fox, astronaut Chris Hadfield, teenage female activist Malala, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, and Martin Luther King Jr.
In addition to performing three of the above biographies, Shaun speaks to your students about the lessons that can be learned from the lives of these inspiring icons, their challenges and how they overcame them, as well as sharing crucial stories from his own journey. Shaun can tailor his presentation to a specific theme requested by the school.

Shaun’s hip-hop lyrics are 100% school-friendly, free of vulgarity.

Grade Suitability: 5–12
45–50 mins.

Tech Requirements: projector, mic, school sound system

• Every Day Heroes (K-8)

What does it mean to be a hero? By taking a closer look at the character traits of popular heroes like Terry Fox, astronaut Chris Hadfield and teenage female activist Malala Yousafzai, this musical presentation explores the answer to this question. Confidence, kindness, courage, compassion – all heroes share certain universal characteristics. With that being said, we can find everyday heroes just about everywhere. In fact, every one of us has a hero within!

With a message designed specifically for younger audiences, Shaun’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ school show includes the performance of three hip-hop biography videos as well as his uplifting song ‘Everyday Hero’.

Shaun’s hip-hop lyrics are 100% school-friendly, free of vulgarity.

Grade Suitability: K-8
45–50 mins.

Tech Requirements: projector, mic, school sound system


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 Live Your Legacy

$650–$975 + GST

 Everyday Heroes

$650–$975 + GST


Knowing his level of success and popularity as a recording artist here in Canada, I had full confidence that Shaun would be a great musical entertainer and motivational speaker for my students. What impressed me even more was the substance and power of his words when the music was not playing. His presentation was truly one of a kind and something my students still talk about to this day. His talents, story and passion make him a true inspiration.

Rachael ChenTeacher – Blessed Cardinal Newman C.S.S

The imagery and descriptions illustrated by Mr. Boothe’s lyrical ability not only captures the attention of the audience, but it stirs the creativity in the minds of young children.

TSultan Rana, Teacher – Donald Cousens Public School

Shaun’s ideas about identity and multiculturalism certainly made impressions on my students, and many actually went as far as to cite him in their final exam essays. I have tried time and again to get my students to consider the value of historical knowledge and interest beyond simply writing historical essays. Shaun presented this idea better than I ever could have.

Jason Hawkins, Teacher – Crestwood Preparatory College