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Meet Ruploops

Rupinder Sidhu aka RupLoops (roop-loops) is a performer, producer and composer of many genres, drawing from folk and classical forms from India, hip-hop, reggae, Tuvin throat singing, to West African percussion. Rupinder is also a community arts facilitator, teaching percussion and hip-hop at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (a free music school for inner city youth) and has founded his own initiative, Metaphor, which brings hip-hop performances and empowerment workshops into youth detention centers, schools and rural communities.

Ruploops Quick Facts

• One-man-band, layering harmonies, beatboxing & instruments
• Arts teacher skilled at impacting & connecting with students
• Student participation, performing, improvising & creativity
• Hip-hop style that students relate to and think is cool
• Encourages & inspires kids to express themselves through music
• Themes: Identity, Culture, Co-operation, Empowerment, Creativity Workshops


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• RupLoops: A Musical Orbit

An interactive, live looping show, using vocal percussion, rhythmic rhymes and an arsenal of eclectic instruments. Rup utilizes his diverse skills as a musician to create a pulsating, entertaining and engaging musical experience. He is a gifted educator and performer and has a deep passion for intercultural work and intercultural sounds. Through this show he hopes students will gain an understanding and appreciation of our universal language: music.
Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 45–50 mins.

• The Human Radio

For almost a century we have been tuning into radios to be informed and entertained. RupLoops’ new show, The Human Radio, will take you on a journey of sound exploring anatomy, geography and culture. Let’s investigate the brilliant design of our auditory and aural systems that allow us to create and listen to music. Through body percussion and beatboxing, Rup demonstrates and teaches how the human form is indeed a musical instrument. With a mix of hip-hop, blues and bhangra, The Human Radio tunes into themes of home, identity, culture, justice, dignity and celebration.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 45–50 mins

• Raise Your V.O.I.C.E. Workshop
(Vocalize Our Inner Creative Expressions)

In this engaging and inspiring workshop, students will explore vocal percussion and the art of live looping to co-create original music that utilizes the voice of each participant. Live looping is a new way to create music; it is the live recording, layering and playback of music created in real time using loop station technology.

Rupinder will teach the basics of beat boxing as well as Indian and African vocal percussion to give the workshop participants an understanding of what he likes to call the “tongue drum!” The group will create improvised and spontaneous compositions where listening to each other and utilizing each others’ differences is the key.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 50 mins.
Capacity: 30 students

• Artist in Residency

The Raise Your VOICE Workshop can be expanded to a 3-5 day Artist in Residency program, and would include additional electronic music elements, lyrics, and video production. Please contact us to discuss details.


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The Human Radio

$650-$950 +GST

V.O.I.C.E. Workshop

$650–$950 + GST

Artist in Residency

$1000-1500 per day+GST


“…an awesome performance, one of my favorites so far.”

 RupLoops is a dynamic, high energy performance that engages students from the opening beats until the end. The diverse and creative blends of techno, rap, hip-hop and South Asian sounds captivated the audience. Definitely a must see performance!

Tom MakavsleyPrincipal –Foothills Elementary

As a teacher there were so many things I loved. First of all it was current and applicable to so many of the kids. This is the music they listen to. The activity with Ta, Ta Ka and Ta Ka Demi was awesome. It can be used with our I.R.P (Ta, Ti Ti and Tika Tika… quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes). I will be trying some of this in class with our percussion instruments. I appreciated him showing us all the instruments in isolation and sharing what they could do… I know my class thought this was really neat. It was an awesome performance, one of my favorites so far.

Mrs. Hansen, Teacher – A.E. Perry Elementary