Motivational Magic


Meet Steve

Steve Harmer is a former principal and teacher from Calgary. Steve left the Calgary system 16 years ago to pursue his dream, and now combines his skills as a professional educator with his skills as a professional performer using magic, juggling, unicycles, storytelling and music to deliver messages. He has presented inspiring programs to over 3300 schools in western Canada.

Because Steve knows kids, knows schools, knows curriculum, and knows how to perform, he captures his audiences. His various programs deal with Bucket Filling, Character, Bully Prevention, Respect, Success, Leadership, 7 Habits, Friendship and Heroes.

Steve Quick Facts

• Former principal & teacher skilled at connecting with students
• An educator first, performing is his tool to impact students
• Magic & juggling that amazes and engages students
• Audience participation, volunteers on stage, fun & laughter
• Magic a concrete teaching tool for abstract character messages
• Themes: Character Education, Bucket Filling, Respect & 7 Habits


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• Be a Bucket Filler

This NEW exciting show was inspired by the popular ‘How Full is Your Bucket’ material by educators Tom Rath and Donald Clifton that is being used by many schools these days. We all are born with ‘invisible buckets’ that represent our emotional and mental health. We need our own buckets filled with acts of kindness and we need to help fill the buckets of others — a concrete, easy-to-grasp way to help students understand the power of affirming words and actions.

Steve teaches students: What is a ‘bucket’, Who are ‘bucket fillers’, How do we fill a bucket, Why fill buckets, Where do we fill buckets, When do we fill buckets.

Grade Suitability: K–9
Duration: 55-60 mins.

• Courage Character and Caring

While capturing the hearts of students through the wonder of magic, juggling, unicycling, music and storytelling, Steve Harmer shares critical motivational messages about Character Education. His messages? Dare to be Decent, Dare to Believe in Yourself, Dare to Take a Stand, Dare to Be Different, Dare to Be Courageous and Dare to be a Friend. The students will be entertained, educated, inspired and challenged to lead lives with purpose and significance.

Grade Suitability: K–9
Duration: 55-60 mins.

• Respect Show: “Don’t Laugh At Me”

Respect is the antidote to bullying. Steve presents strategies and techniques based on the “Operation Respect” curriculum. His message is clear: Choose the Right Way! No Dissing Here! No Name Calling! Be You! You Matter! Put-ups Peace Place! Ridicule Free Zone! Don’t Laugh At Me! The students will be entertained and educated about this important topic.

Grade Suitability: K–9
Duration: 55–60 mins.

• 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids Show

based on the work of Stephen and Sean Covey

In his exciting and innovative magical way, Steve Harmer reviews how these excellent 7 Habits can help guide students to success in every area of their lives:

1.Be Proactive,  2. Begin with the End in Mind,  3. Put First things First,  4. Think Win – Win, 5. Seek First to Understand,  6. Synergize,  7. Sharpen the Saw

Grade Suitability: K–9
Duration: 55–60 mins.


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Be a Bucket Filler

$650–$825 + GST

Courage Character and Caring

$650–$825 + GST

Respect Show: “Don’t Laugh At Me”

$650–$825 + GST

7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids Show

$650–$825 + GST


Totally awesome! You captured and captivated our students’ attention and your message was clear and well received by all. Keep smiling! You are on to something fantastic!

K. Lawes – Shortreed Elementary

POWERFUL! Very appropriate across grades 1-7. Captivating and fun! Solid educational tool! Kids responded!

Doug Jeffers – Boundary Elementary

Fabulous! The best children’s presentation I have ever seen!

Nicole Daneault, Vice-Principal – Kwayhquitlum Middle School

WOW!  I love these presentations!  Motivational Magic presentations are the BEST presentations I have ever seen in our school!  Using magic to captivate students’ attention in order to present such important information is absolutely brilliant!

T. Harris – Westminster School, Lethbridge, AB

That was the best educational magic presentation I have ever seen.  It had informative content and a polished presentation!

G. Nixdof – I.F. Cox, Redcliff, AB