Kinnie Starr


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Meet Kinnie

Juno award winner Kinnie Starr has performed at over 80 schools throughout BC since 2007 and has toured globally for two decades as an original songwriter. She speaks French, Spanish & English, is a Canadian to the core. She celebrates her many bloodlines, Irish/French/German/Mohawk to only name a few, and is an arts activist through music and drawing. She relies on her authentic voice, raw talent, solid groove and love for wordplay to promote literacy, creativity, self-confidence and authentic expression through hip-hop and poetry.

Kinnie Starr Quick Facts

• Juno award winning producer
• Juno nominated artist
• has toured globally for two decades
• Speaks French, Spanish, & English
• Hip-hop style that students relate to and think is cool
• Female role model, personal stories about identity & dreams
• Encourages & inspires students to express themselves & be creative
• Themes: Creativity, Self-Esteem & Confidence, Empowerment


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• Rhythm, Creativity and Confidence

This presentation is engaging, culturally relevant, contemporary and dynamic. Content ranges from spoken word poetry to upbeat rap and singing, and includes stories and personal anecdotes which are personal and kind-spirited, exploring love, family, environment, race, identity, dreams and more. Students of all ages benefit and will be encouraged to have fun and be expressive through poetry, rap, beatboxing, dance and movement. Can include a Q&A period about art, creativity, culture, beatmaking and poetry.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 60 mins.
Tech Requirements: Mic and PA system


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Kinnie Starr is really personable and put on a fantastic show – very good story telling and singing! We loved the fact that she got the kids up and participating, learning about rhythm and song-writing, and about using musical equipment.

Gary Ewing, Principal, Ste Marie Elementary

It was terrific, you’ve got a great persona that engages the students and I really saw it in the energy in the room. One thing I really appreciate that the students picked up on is the commitment and excitement of engaging with what you do — it doesn’t matter if it’s music or math class, get engaged and it comes from you as the participant.

Ken AndrewsPrincipal – Lansdowne Middle School

The pride Kinnie Starr demonstrated in her intelligence, creativity and culture was incredibly empowering for our Aboriginal youth at Carson Graham. Because they thought she was amazing, they too felt proud of who they are and where they come from.

Jennifer Tieche, Carson Graham Secondary – IB World School