Since 1998 HOJA has entertained and energized over 900,000 students across Canada with their music, humor, and audience participation, demonstrating the amazing sounds that can be made using just the human voice. These young singers take a lot of pride in using their high appeal with students as a way to not only entertain them but also to be a powerful influence in their lives.

Many schools have brought them in again and again, and if you’ve had them before they offer new music this time around including many recent hit songs your students are sure to recognize and enjoy.

HOJA Quick Facts

• 4,000 presentations over 15 years, tailored to different age groups
• Beatboxing, harmonies, energy, laughs & audience participation
• Modern songs that your students will recognize and sing along with
• Positive role models for your students
• Encourage and inspire students to become involved in music
• Themes: Bullying, Shoot for your dreams


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• Standard Presentation — Shoot for your Dreams

This presentation is primarily a concert, which also includes a powerful message at the end (compared to the extensive No-Bullying message throughout that show). This highly entertaining show enhances your arts curriculum, as HOJA encourages your students by example and through participation to get involved in music and drama. Many schools say it was the best thing that ever happened for their music program ­­— students who were previously uninterested or shy began to open up to the idea of performing for fun.

At the end of the show the singers relate heartfelt personal stories, encouraging students to believe in themselves and teaching them three simple steps to achieve their dreams.

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 55 mins.

• No-Bullying Presentation

HOJA’s unique ability to captivate and engage students with their energy and music allows them to deliver powerful messages throughout the show about what students can do when they witness bullying and the huge impact that ‘bystanders’ can have. Between songs, they relate stories to your students about their experiences growing up – times that they were bullied, times they bullied others, moments they are proud of when they helped someone, and moments they wish they could go back and do over. They also discuss suggestions from your students about what to do in certain situations.

This presentation is based on extensive research from several leaders in the field on how to create a school environment where bullying is simply not accepted or reinforced. When students collectively feel that they are more important and powerful than the bullies and they take pride in helping to create a positive school environment, the school administration’s role of dealing with bullying incidents can become much easier.

HOJA encourages students to visit their No-Bullying site with their parents to download two free songs and view more detailed information and suggestions beyond what is covered in our presentation.

Grade Suitability: K–8
Duration: 55 mins.

• Evening Parent Night

A great way to build community amongst staff, students and parents by bringing them together for a fun evening at the school or to help boost attendance at a special event you are already planning. This is a tremendous deal at HOJA’s school presentation fee (a huge discount from their normal evening show fees of $1800-$3000), and you may charge a small donation to help cover the cost if you wish.

It works especially well if you’ve had the group before, as students are excited to hear that HOJA is returning and encourage their parents to come out. The concert includes mostly new repertoire that your students haven’t seen, plus a few of their favorites thrown in. Feel free to have your school choir perform as an opening act!

Grade Suitability: K–12
Duration: 60 mins.


These fee ranges include a $100 discount for casting your vote in our short artist survey. If you have not already done so, click below to rank the top three artists you’d like to see tour to your area. There‘s no obligation to book, doing so will simply register your school for the discount and help us co-ordinate artists’ tours where there is the most interest for them.

Fees are listed as a range because the exact fee is determined by your area and number of shows in a tour. Once you’ve cast your vote, we can let you know the exact fee and possible dates for your preferred artists.

If your school is facing severe budget challenges please inquire about qualifying for our assistance program.

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Standard Presentation

$650–$825 + GST

Bullying Presentation

$650–$895 + GST

 Evening Parent Night

$650–$825 + GST


The talent and the enthusiasm that HOJA so obviously displayed had the whole student body ‘up’ with the very first song and kept them there throughout. It really was the best assembly we ever had!

Jan LayhSRC Advisor – Churchbridge High School

HOJA’s show was entertaining and delivered a powerful message about bullying. It made me feel good about spending money on a performance since the show goes beyond entertainment to also include a high level of content for the students.

Todd Berg – Forest Grove School, Saskatoon

We invited HOJA to do an evening concert and asked parents for a nominal donation to offset the cost. Students and their families alike enjoyed an evening of song and entertainment. Many of our families were appreciative of the ability to attend a quality performance for a nominal fee — something that many cannot afford.  Thanks!

David King – St. Teresa Catholic School,Edmonton, AB

HOJA was fantastic yet again! Very professional, the kids really got the message, everybody loved it and wants them back again. When you can keep the attention of close to 500 students for an hour, you know you’re doing something right!

Gayla Worden – R.J. Hawkey Elementary, Airdrie